Our full team is a consortium of marketing companies that work collaboratively in your favor.

Terrence Gallagher – T!

Mr. Gallagher is an expert in all forms of graphic technology with specific applications for desktop and mobile devices. He is a hands-on designer with a keen insight into nonverbal communication and motivation, he is a proven leader with over twenty-five years of experience in managing a wide array of creative projects and marketing teams. He is extremely effective in coordinating all aspects of a project so the creative elements work harmoniously in support of the company’s overall marketing objectives.

Mr. Gallagher is proficient in all forms of Internet marketing from site design for desktops and mobile platforms to preparing complementary visuals for social media, blogs, and newsletters with an emphasis on video marketing. His education in printing and marketing compounded by his industry experience give him the expertise needed to manage and interact with service bureaus, commercial printing facilities, advertising agencies, and a wide range of businesses and nonprofit organizations from start-ups and small businesses all the way to large national advertisers.

His writings in poetry and song lyrics have helped him craft poignant and inspired body copy for radio and television commercials, print advertisements, and web marketing campaigns with a warm, personal touch that connects on both a rational and emotional level thus increasing their effectiveness. As evidence of this effectiveness, Mr. Gallagher created a cutting-edge approach to video marketing and SEO for the Surf Industry that generated a measured impact of awareness resulting in exponential growth of sales and profitability.

He volunteers as a SCORE Advisor and as part of the planning committee for Inland Empire Startup Week. He has also done volunteer work with Operation Underground Railroad and the Winter Special Olympics.

All this experience, complemented by his natural artistic ability and forged by his knowledge of design methodologies, unleash awe-inspiring, result-oriented, call-to-action works of marketing artistry. His whatever it takes attitude is notable in every extra mile gone to bring collaborative creative solutions to fruition.

David Crump – Offshore Operations

Mr. Crump has worked in all aspects of the Internet for nearly 20 years and provides a wide range of experience from site concept and design all the way through to execution. He is that rare technician who understands that a website’s function must be based on sound marketing principles in order to maximize the best possible consumer experience. He worked as CTO for various Internet startups as well as being the senior webmaster for large companies such as Belkin where he built the Company’s website that enabled this $400,000,000+ company to sell hundreds of thousands of products to millions of people throughout the world.

Mr. Crump’s knowledge, contacts, and experience extend beyond our shores as he also runs outsourcing companies for technology in countries such as Russia and China and currently has a fully staffed office in the Philippines that can perform every service from programming and design to data entry.

His past accomplishments include being the CTO for ETV where he developed a video streaming system that ran at less than one-tenth of the cost of similar systems but was still able to stream to millions of users simultaneously.

He also worked for Velocitycat as CTO where he designed a video player that was able to successfully outperform competitive models including the industry-leading REAL Player.

Mr. Crump has worked for Dogma Studios as Director of Online Development where he managed all aspects of Dogma’s, and Dogma’s clients’ online presence from site design, custom programming, video delivery, and marketing.