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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, starts on your site and social media pages. Once the correct base setup is in place it is time to start telling the world about your site and gaining authority with press releases, references from authority sites, social signals and stealth ninja back link juice. In the ever changing world of SEO there is no guarantee, only tried and true methods that are under constant evaluation for relevance and results. To see if your business qualifies to beneficially utilize those methods, my team would like to prepare a Complimentary Competition Analysis that will reveal your competitions online traffic sources, enabling you with the insights of their marketing dollars. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with the key questions to perform the analysis. Please see more information below the form on our SEO Foundation package. Thank you.

    The Foundation Package = $1,200

    Once we analyze the competition and pick the choice keywords then we build out your existing site for SEO with a sub-site that inner links the relevant keyword rich original articles and tie it in with Google analytics and web master tools so we can track our progress. As your site is being upgraded our SEO team starts listing your company with directories and high authority sites with citations which basically are a listing of your company information with original keyword rich content.

    We create our listings in just the right way so that they rank in search engines. Our citations also provide you with added value, giving info about your business in a way that will get you more leads and sales.

    Here is how we get local directory listings optimized:

    ~ Optimizing the listing’s titles and page URLS.
    ~ We include several of your business’s photos, all tagged with relevant keywords.
    ~ We create content with links to other pages and properties so that your listings look more natural and legitimate.
    ~ Completely fill up or form completion of a listing.
    ~ We tag your listing with a wide range of relevant keywords to bring in targeted traffic.
    ~ We triple check the accuracy of your phone number, address, business hours, and other info so that you can be sure each listing is submitted correctly.
    ~ We add your address into Maps features.
    ~ Inclusion of images and video for a distinctive listing.
    ~ Additional info including business hours and payment methods.
    ~ We make sure that users can quickly locate your business with appropriate searches by using highly relevant categories.
    ~ Ensuring your listing gives you a strong online brand presence.
    ~ And You Get Some of the Best Citations Available.